On-Demand Delivery script is a trending concept which is used to purchase goods from their place with just a click. This concept entered into various sectors such as grocery, food, taxi, pharmacy, alcohol, etc.

In the modern world no one wants to purchase goods by going to a store, users prefer goods to receive their place. To resolve this situation, an On-demand concept was developed.

Goferzone is a ready-made available On-Demand delivery script for entrepreneurs at an affordable cost. Moreover, it has a few delivery script clone concepts such as uber clone, uber-eats clone, instacart clone, etc.

Features available in clone scripts are as like the original script. There are some features unique and commonly available in all our delivery scripts they are,



  • Takeaway option


Users can reduce their waiting time by this feature. They can order goods at a particular store on their way and receive it when they reach the store. This is similar to shop directly from the store, but with GoferGrocery users can place the order online and receive it from the shop.


  • Live order tracking


User and store keeper can track the driver’s live location which is helpful to find the users to how long it takes the driver to reach them.


  • Reliable payment options


Payment options in the script are more convenient and reliable to the user to make safe and secured payment. Either payment can be made through credit card, wallet, COD or Paypal.


  • Tips option


This is one of our unique options, users can add tips to the drivers. Tips are added to total cost so users can’t feel that additional spending of amount and then the driver also gets benefit from this.


  • Multiple languages


There are four different languages available that do not come under feature but are considered as important elements. Language is helpful to deliver the message to others. Available languages are English, Spanish, Espanola, Portugues.

  • Dynamic payout

Users can make payment either online or cash on delivery according to their convenience. Payment method is not static in the script, if the user has the amount in hand then choose cash on delivery.


  • Order scheduling


Users can schedule the delivery to their preferred time. There is an option available for scheduling the delivery, booking made in the morning or before 2-3 hours and receiving it later.


  • Store status


Users can check store current status either online or offline, desired product is available in that store or not, and compare the products on different stores to make a purchase.


  • Mode of delivery


Users can either schedule orders, receive the goods in the hand or by the store. Mode of delivery is what type of way the users receive the goods from the script.


  • Review & ratings


All the stakeholders can review & rate performance of others. This is helpful to know about the store & their product, feedback and satisfaction level is shared by the consumer to suggest their opinion.

These useful features help to build reliability on the user’s mind. If you want to start On-demand delivery business contact us