Online food delivery service is the fastest growing business in the industry. People love food delivery for its convenience, transparency and sophistication.

According to, Ubereats is the fastest growing food delivering company in the USA. UberEats is growing its market in the US as well as in other countries. But it is not easy to replicate the success of UberEats.

But, the food delivery is growing vigorously and it provides opportunities to newcomers to gain from the market. It also paves the way to startups and entrepreneurs to survive in the food delivery industry.

Many business people have lots of questions in their mind regarding UberEats Clone. In this blog, you can find the answers to these questions.

What is the cost to build an app like UberEats?

How do you earn from UberEats Clone?

What are the components of UberEats?

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Components Of UberEats Clone Script:


Customer App:

The on-demand customer app consists of a real-time menu and helps the user to order food online in a wide range of restaurants. They also have features like social login, live tracking, schedule order, online payment and wallet management.


Driver App:

The driver plays a vital role in the delivery network and connects the restaurant and the user. The driver app consists of features like pass orders, map with navigation, trip management, revenue management and so on.


Restaurant App:

The restaurant partners with Ubereats to earn more orders and increase their sales and revenue. The restaurant app has lots of features to help restaurant partners like menu management, order management, online/offline mode, preparation time and offer management.



The admin acts as the nerve center of all operation and has features to manage critical operations. They have features to double up CRM like manage issue, penalty management, cancel reason management and owe money management.


Earnings From UberEats Clone:


Commission Fee:

You can charge about 30% of the order amount (Market price) as a commission to your restaurant partner for listing their restaurant and delivering their orders.


Delivery Fee:

You can charge about 10-15% of the order amount as delivery for your users for delivering their orders.


Advertisement Fee:

You can also charge a fee for listing your restaurant partners in promoted placements and advertising the restaurant.


Cost Of UberEats Clone:

To build an app like Ubereats is not an easy task and it requires a lot of technical skills and time. Building an app like UberEats contains a lot of factors and you have to create both web and mobile apps. Developing a brand new app like UberEats, costs twice the amount of buying an UberEats Clone script.


So, it is better to go for UberEats clone script which cost ranges from 3999$ (approx) which will help you to start a food delivery business with ease.

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