In transportation field there is a wide variety of opportunities to do business, like peer to peer ride sharing, car pooling, electric car, electric bike and many others.

Right now, bike rental has become the most required one and it is already available with the Uber, Ola and other prominent ride sharing company. So that many entrepreneur has been trying to include this in their business

If you are already working in this platform then you can just customize your script and include this bike rentals, or if you are from scratch, then Uber clone script will help you out to make it easy and accessible.

How Does Bike Rental Works ?

It works exactly as the car rentals, but instead of car, bike gets replaced. Yet i will explain in explicit form. When you get the Uber Clone script, it comes with the three sets of rider, driver and the admin panel.


  • People who need a ride has to download the app.
  • Create an account in it.
  • (If you are already existing customer, you can start from this point).
  • Enter the pickup and drop location.
  • From the available options choose the bike rentals.
  • Confirm Booking.
  • After reaching the destination can pay according to the riders comfort, either through cash or online transaction.

As usual the rider will get the details about the driver, once the ride gets confirmed. The other important one is the driver will come with the helmet for himself and the rider and both has to use it according to the law.

Driver :

  • To work as a captain in the bike rentals, he has to submit all the documents and gets verified after monitoring.
  • To do this, should download the app and initially do all the regular verification and become the authorized captain to work in the rental system.
  • When a rider request a ride, the driver will get notified based on your location, and the driver can accept the trip request if interested.
  • After accepting the trip, it gets started and can reach the location with the GPS.

Admin :

Here is where you gonna work as an entrepreneur. All the details can be monitored and manage the business effectively. Even manually you can assign the ride or cancel the request.

The overall of the business depends on the technical role and then the marketing strategy you use. But to kickstart the business the “script” plays a major role.

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