In the Modern world, everything can be done simply with an application, where you can easily receive anything at your doorstep with just a click within a few minutes. The market for alcohol delivery is leading to other on-demand services and it yields a higher profit. It’s best for young entrepreneurs to get into the liquor delivery business.


One such solution for making orders online is Drizly, which is helpful for the users to order alcohol online. Drizly is a liquor delivery script that was launched in 2012, based on an e-Commerce platform that operates in the US and Canada. Drizly took a survey about the alcohol business structure, the result of the research shows that there’s no revenue loss in the liquor delivery business and at the end of the year they gain a high revenue of $32 million.

Drizly allows the users to place their orders on a variety of alcoholic/beverages from near local retailers of their location and receive it at their doorsteps. More than placing orders on a website they provide their service through a smartphone application and available on both the platform(iOS & Android). Users’ items reach them within 30-60 mins.

Business Model of Drizly

The business model of online delivery services is pretty unique, if any store sells or delivers the product then they can tie up with them. Drizly is a two-sided marketplace that connects the end-users easily with the liquor store owner through an application. This simply redirects all the user’s orders to the nearby local alcohol stores that tied up with them. Local alcohol stores should follow some parameters like the store’s product range, product availability, and product prices to link with them.

Drizly clone

There is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business like Drizly, developing similar applications like Drizly takes time. Overcome this situation, entrepreneurs or businessmen who want to start a business like Drizly can afford scripts from the company that provides script ready-made. Using the drizly clone entrepreneurs can start a business instantly which saves them time and money.

Who provides?

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Alcohol delivery script is one of our products ready-made available for entrepreneurs. Our script has four panels namely Admin, User, Store, and Driver available on both desktop and mobile. You can use our demo, by visiting the site

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