Setting a footprint on a taxi booking platform is a dream for many. Uber, the iconic taxi booking app has set and shown their success path to young minds and generated them venture vision. Fine, to start a business that too in this technology-rich world, there is a software which can show your presence to a wide group.

So launch your vision on an online market and compete in your taxi booking industry like Uber with the best Uber clone. Yes, using the script business minds can start business instantly and can incorporate their business ideas. Many prefer such kinds of scripts that are highly beneficial, scalable, reliable, transparent, quick to set and most importantly they are cost-effective.

Online market affords lots of cost-effective Uber clone scripts. But to choose a quality script ! you need a set of questions to be answered. Evaluate the scripts on the market with the checklist of queries.

Checklist To Find The Best Uber Clone For Your Taxi Booking Venture

Get uber clones on market through search engines, through directories, through referrals, through word of mouth etc. Collect a list of them and demo each to find a quality working of the script. 

Sample evaluation metrics are given below,

  • Are their scripts built using quality code?
  • Are the clone scripts platform compatible and meet market requirements?
  • Are the clone scripts/mobile apps available in all online platforms (Android, iOS, responsive web platform)?
  • Does your clone script provider have a ready-made script to start business instantly?
  • Is there any service after purchase?
  • Do they provide panels for manual booking, drivers, admin, riders, dispatcher, fleet management? and are they readily available?
  • How many pricing packages are available? and the number of services drafted to it. Various packages have various pricing plans, some with lesser cost and service and others with more cost and services. Some with lesser cost & service, others with more cost and services. They usually grab the user’s attention with a lesser pricing plan. So be cautious with it.
  • Check with providers’ relevancy and response rate.
  • Check for free addons and pricing add-ons.
  • More importantly, be aware of customization. Is there any customization, will their script incorporate your business ideas.
  • Check their demo.

So, that was a huge checklist to choose an application, before you plunge into.

Or else, go ahead with a Uber clone script from a reliable service provider, Goferzone.

Gofer – The Best Uber Clone From Goferzone

Gofer is an uber clone software provider, they develop apps similar to uber that is refined in its intricate features and automated in its best form for easy fleet management. The uber like apps from Gofer offers extensive possibilities for taxi business with hassle-free functionalities that improve fleet efficiencies. Being compatible on platforms such as Android and iOS, Gofer promises an easy-to-setup and user-friendly taxi solution. Gofer shows 100% to the above-described metrics.

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