It is a fantasy for some to begin a billion-dollar professional Uber. To rapidly fire your endeavor and adapt ready, uber clones in the market bolster your fantasy. Among all other Gofer – the uber clone is the best and remarkable one with highlights, functionalities, and backing. Gofer builds up the uber clone content by dissecting the client’s torment focus and amends it with shrewd highlights to update the business.

Stunning Features 


Referrals Management :


To businesses like Uber, users connected are the real claims. As they earn a commission for the services they offer. We at GoferZone are more concerned with your business and its enhancement methods.  We have designed a referral program for rider, and drivers. This act welcomes new users to get connected.

Driver Earnings :


Gofer affords a better space for drivers connected to earn. Also, they can view the detailed statement of earning dynamically. Drivers can explicitly view their earnings in month-wise, day-wise, etc.

Heat Map :


Spotting higher demanding areas on the map paves the way to earn. Initially, Gofer gave an update with a heat map only for admin. Now drivers can also use the heat map feature to earn more.

Manage Cancel Reason :


Why has the trip been canceled? Why is there frequent cancellation in an area? Why is the ride from the driver canceled? Are there any technical issues?. Such business-related chaos can be easily identified and rectified. Now Gofer has updated with this cancel reason that reflects both the driver and rider app.

Toll Calculation :


Collecting toll amounts is usual on the roadway of every country. The riders are the ones who need to pay the toll fee. If the driver pays the amount for the toll the fee will be charged along with the ride fee. Thus, the toll fee will be shown explicitly in the invoice.

Tips To Driver :


The tip is a compliment for the drivers, on appreciating their driving skills. Popular ride-hailing apps like Uber, Lyft provides riders space to appreciate drivers with a star rating, review, and tip to the driver.       


Waiting Charge :


Taxi dispatching companies favor riders and drivers. Considering it, our best uber clone includes waiting for charges. If a driver waits for long. The driver can charge a fee on which the invoice will be shown explicitly.       


OTP Verification :


To make your trip safer and reliable, our uber clone comes into the market with OTP verification. With it, the rider takes the correct and accepted ride with a reliable driver.

Payment Change :


Various payment options are available to pay for the ride. While on the ride, the rider can switch over to a particular payment option if they wish.

Show The Nearest Drivers :


While pinning the pickup and drop location, the riders can view nearby drivers on the riders map.

Apple Login Integration :


Riders enter into the taxi booking system with Apple login integration.

Summing Up :


Gofer is filled with these exciting and money-making features to move the taxi booking business seamlessly. If you wish to start a venture in the taxi booking business with frequently updating software, you can plunge on Gofer – the best uber clone script

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