Innovation is the one which constantly keeps on changing the way we live. Such a change came in the food industry through on-demand food delivery app like UberEats. The food delivery apps gaining its popularity day by day and it’s expanding around the world vigorously.


On-demand business is one which is more popular and trending business in the market such as food delivery, grocery delivery, spa, rental and so on. Most entrepreneurs are running behind the on-demand business for its potential market and revenue model. Let’s discuss food delivery apps.

Business Model Of Food Delivery Apps:


The food delivery apps work with three simple business model to deliver food to its customer through food delivery apps.


The Aggregator Model:


In the aggregator model, the delivery app acts like a mediator for the restaurant and the customer. The food is delivered to the customer by the restaurant itself and delivery apps increase traffic to the restaurant.


The Aggregator And Delivery Provider:


The delivery apps act as an aggregator as well as delivery provider and deliver food to its restaurant. The perfect example of this model is “Ubereats”.


No Aggregator:


The restaurant itself owns a delivery app and delivers food to its customers through its app. There is no need for aggregator in this model.


Required Mobile Apps & Web Apps:


Developing mobile apps and web apps are not an easy task to be done. It requires a lot of technical knowledge as well as time to perfect it. Here are the needs of apps and websites for successful food delivery service.


  • Customer App (iOS & Android).
  • Restaurant App (iOS & Android).
  • Driver App (iOS & Android).
  • Customer Web App.
  • Restaurant Web App.
  • Admin Control Panel.


Team Requirement:


As you need to build an on-demand food delivery apps, you need to hire lots of technical people to do it so. It requires at least three months to build and test Android, iOS and web apps. Here are some technical needs to complete the task.


  • At least a Couple of Android & iOS Developers.
  • Testing team to test Android, iOS and web apps.
  • Front end and back end developers to build Web apps.
  • Support team to support the overall workflow.


Cost To Build On-demand Food Delivery Apps:


The most important thing in every entrepreneurs and startup is how much it will cost to develop an app like Ubereats.


It is well known that hourly charged for technical skills will change based on country and requirement. It is estimated that hourly charge in the USA is 100$ and in the EU it may vary between 80$ to 150$. But in India, it is estimated around 20$ to 50$. So it is profitable for one to buy apps or hire technical persons from India.


The cost of developing an UberEats clone is around 17000$ to 25000$ (approx) and it may be based on location.


To Wrap Things Ups:


Instead of developing an UberEats clone, you can buy UberEats clone script in the market which is much cheaper than you think. If you are interested then, please check out the pricing of UberEats Clone.


Have a good day.