Are you a newbie or mogul entrepreneur? And are you urge to enlight your business in a trendy platform? 

Super, you are having the ultimate intention to commence your business. 

In this contemporary world, the businessman like you should get focus on the initial strategies which top up your business near to the sky. 

The fundamental strategy is laid out in two common aspects view out below, 

  • Find out the business which is highly demanded by the customers.
  • Choose out the business which increases and generates a huge income impact on your business profile and to get succeed in it. 

So, while commencing your own business you should be built a strong foundation. 

To satisfy the above-discussed things, an online food ordering and delivery business are will play the divine role. 

Come on let’s check out the top master!

Here is the refined solution for your business to shine out the top above the world. 

One short and known question for you, what is the most snazzy online food delivery business in the world? 

Without taking much time, you can say that is “Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats” were got achieved in the world food delivery industry. 

Yup! if you do business underneath the concept of some top business, indeed your business status will change rapidly what you have not perceived.

Get the best solution for your on-demand food ordering & delivery business in 2020


GoferEats is highly revamped with the top online food delivery script, which got inspired by the UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato. 

It is exclusively developed with a mind-blowing appearance to attract the customer to the dollar the business.  

GoferEats – online food delivery script has the spellbound functionalities to deploy on the business and also constructed with the native mobile applications. 

It has surplus features and fried-up working to grasp the many users to enjoy the food ordering. The latest technologies were used in the script to increase usability for the customers.  

Time to dive into the sea of features used in the GoferEats.

Standard Features in GoferEats – App like UberEats 

Following are the basic and standard features of GoferEats 

Track Orders – Eaters can easily track the orders from their app from the restaurant to the specified address. Tracking is also available for the restaurant owners to track the driver from the floor to the eater’s doorsteps. 

Easy Search – Eaters can easily search their restaurants around their place to taste their favorite foods in the doorsteps.

Accurate ETA – Eaters can accurately view their estimate time delivery of their food, it will make them feel comfortable to taste their spicy foods on time.

Schedule Order – Eater can pre-order their favorite food from a particular restaurant at a certain time according to their appetite and can schedule the time of delivery.

Instant Notifications – Eaters get instant notifications with the help of the Firebase Cloud Messaging Technology about the driver details and order details.

Multiple Payment Options – Eaters can pay for their orders through various payment options like Cash, Wallet, Debit / Credit Cards.

Promo Code Options – Eaters can apply promo code or gift code for their order, the amount will be reduced from the total order amount.

Review and Rating – Eater can rate for the restaurant about their foods and the drivers about their delivery service.

Restaurant Status – Restaurants can change the status of their restaurant as online or offline according to the availability of the food.

Easy Profile Management – Eaters, Drivers & Restaurants can easily create & manage their account either Android or iOS. They can edit the details at any time without any restrictions.

If you wanna customize any features to your business that can be also constructed on your script as per your desire. 

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