Goferzone launches a new pharmacy delivery script for startups. Those looking for new startups can choose this pharmacy script to make a profitable and successful business. Goferzone is the best web and mobile application development company with the clone script done with the latest technologies at an affordable rate. 


Let us see more about our new Pharmacy Delivery Script


The pharmacy delivery script is the best script for delivering medicines today’s situation of COVID – 19. Our script was done with advanced features with the latest technologies. Our script was available in web and android applications. The lively demo can be checked through our site. Let us see the features in our pharmacy delivery script.

Features Of Online Medicine Delivery Script


The driver can easily sign in to the application and it is user friendly, the driver should fill the details, upload the document, and the document should be verified successfully. Once the document has been verified, the driver can start a ride.

The driver can access the easy acceptable option like online/offline. When he is online, the order will be intimated to the driver. The driver is offline, no orders will be there. The driver has a separate account details option to maintain the accounts of payouts, accounts, profile, currencies can be managed through the driver. A driver will use this option of the seamless map integration for the driver to easily access the user’s place location. Trip history options will be available there to check the completed trips and earned amounts. Once the user has completed a ride, the user will give a rating & reviews for the driver to increase the driver’s engagement.


Users can easily signup through their phone number or email address within a second process. Once the users are ordered or canceled the order will be notified instantly. Users can save the medicine in the favorite list option to buy again and again and can check availability. Order history options used for the users can check in the past orders in the history of the order. The users can track the order with live tracking, where the order was delivered or not. The advanced filter option can be recommended to sort as the most popular, fastest delivery, nearby location, and more. The user can avail of the offers through the promo code.

The user can change languages according to their location to make an easy search. 


In-store, It has an easy simple signup process like some of the store details and documents to verify and signup through email. The store can set a banner, menu status, according to the products that are selling. Store partners also can use live tracking for products that have been delivered or not. Once the order has been placed, It will be notified to the store partner, and the store partner should accept the orders, after accepting the orders, the order details will be provided. Throughout the store, a partner can choose multiple languages to their wish.


Admin has a separate elegant and user-friendly dashboard to monitor the databases. Admin has access to manage the users, languages, currencies. Payouts option can be managed by the admin, pharmacy payout, driver payout will be managed through the admin. Admin has more options to use as a user- friendly and to manage all the databases in the script. Check more options on our live demo page.  


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