People are fearful to take a transport in public places, due to the COVID – 19 lockdowns. But the estimation revenue for ride-hailing services will grow up 50% before 2023. In these times, we can launch an on-demand uber clone with some of the safety measures with precautions for COVID -19. Let us consider some of the safety measures like mask recognition, preparing a safety checklist for users and drivers, We can implement a limited capacity of passengers for a ride, and passengers can reject a ride for improper safety precautions and can raise a complaint. Let us add-on more safety measures, according to the client’s wishes.


Let us see more about the benefits and features of Gofer – Uber Clone


Features in Taxi Booking Script


Rider – Web

  • Simple Sign Up
  • Verified Riders
  • Super Fast Search
  • Instant Notification
  • Live Geo Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Option
  • Trip History
  • SOS
  • Schedule Ride
  • Multiple Languages


Rider – App

  • Simple Sign Up
  • Verified Riders
  • My Trips
  • Profile Pages


Driver – App

  • Simple Sign in 
  • Document Management
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Seamless Map Integration
  • Switch to Online or Offline Profile Pagesmode
  • Earning Report
  • Driver Request
  • Trip History and Trip Details
  • Multiple Languages and Multiple Currencies
  • Payout
  • Account Details

Driver – Web

  • Simple Sign in
  • Profile Management
  • Payment Management
  • Trip Invoices
  • My Trips


Company – Web

  • Simple Sign Up
  • Dashboard
  • Payout Preferences
  • Send Messages
  • Manage Drivers and Vehicles
  • View Manual Booking
  • Map View
  • Heat Map
  • Manage Trips and Payouts
  • Driver Statements and more to more.


Admin Web panel

Admin can manage and monitor all information going through the admin web panel. In this on-demand clone script, we have used Css3, HTML, Java, Bootstrap, PHP, JS, Jquery, Swift, Mysql, and many more technologies. Once you complete the payment process, we will give you the full customization, technical support, and any other required changes that also will be done as the client’s wishes. As a client, he can do the changes in safety measures and all precautions. Demo details for the admin, rider, driver are available on our Goferzone site.


Meet you soon as a Client…!!


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