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In this pandemic, Entrepreneurs are facing some losses in the business. In this case, the biggest problem is the lockdown areas. In this situation, the best solution for the entrepreneur is to start a business in alcohol delivery to make a huge impact in this business in this pandemic.

In the upcoming days, Alcohol delivery is one of the top money-making businesses. So entrepreneurs can make a hurry to start the business in this alcohol delivery script.

We have built the alcohol delivery script with our support, dedication, and hard work.

Alcohol Delivery Script from “GoferZone”

GoferZone is the best web and app development company providing ready-made clone script for entrepreneurs to launch startups.

Goferalcohol is one of the best scripts from GoferZone, it was done with the needed features for the startups. Our Gofer Alcohol is available in the mobile and iOS platforms.

Technologies Used In Alcohol Delivery Script

For Mobile Platforms

  • Swift for iOS platforms
  • Java for Android platforms

For Admin web panel

  • Laravel Framework
  • Angular JS

For Database connectivity

  • PHP
  • MySQL

Some Features in Liquor Delivery Script

Simple signup/signin

The user can log in with the phone number and email option easily. It can be logged in with the smooth order experience.

Advanced search/filter

Using this advanced search filter option, the user can easily search their stores, items with the category, locations and can find out their favorite stores.

Scheduling order

The order can be scheduled for the orders for the later delivery for the week or an hour. The users will not forget to make an order using the scheduling order.

Merchant store status

The store user can switch on or off mode to take the orders. If the store has a switch on that option, the order will be taken. If the store has switched off the status, the order will not be taken.

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We Offer

Our company GoferZone offers 100% source code, full technical support, add-ons, customization, server installation, and the wishes of our clients, customization will be done within a time.


Let us conclude that the alcohol delivery script will help the entrepreneur to make turnover with a successful business. Once the entrepreneur has decided to start with the alcohol delivery script or their business, choose the right development company, GoferZone.

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