Being a business person, make use of all the opportunities in the market is key to success. The freight business is one of the ever trending business in the market. It is also a very much unauthorized and revenue-based business. 

Uber Freight connects shippers with carriers to provide good moving service. It has all the features to help shippers & carriers. Here are some key details which help you understand freight business. 

How Freight Business Work?

The carriers are truck owners who can easily book loads uploaded by shippers. They are shown the price amount for moving load. After the successful completion of moving the load, the trucker is paid the amount mentioned after deducting the commission. The admin manages the overall business flow and leads to a win-win situation.

How Uber Freight Clone Helps Your Business?


  • The lane explorer option helps the shipper to keep track of the lane price. 
  • Using the portal, the shipper can make manage the pricing details for their loads with ease.
  • With real-time tracking, the shipper has the details of their load at the fingertip.
  • Most shippers love to give rating fort the service offered by the carriers. Here is an option in the portal to help you do that.
  • The shippers have the option to download POD documents before making payment to the truckers.


  • The carrier or truck owner must provide all necessary documents to be accepted in the portal.
  • After successful accepted, the carrier has access to all the loads that are available to be moved.
  • When the trucker interested in the load, they can get to know more information about the load & price which they get after successful completion.
  • The shipper accepts the request by the trucker and they can start work on the loads.
  • Finally, the truck driver must upload proof of delivery ( POD) document.


  • The admin manages the overall workflow of the progress and has the power to manage & approve both shippers & truckers.
  • An admin has to manage a separate portal for customer support to carriers & shippers.
  • With roles & responsibilities, the admin can appoint sub-admins to manage the portal. 
  • With the Carrier Payout option, the controller can manage the transaction by the carrier with ease.

Why You Should Start A Moving Company?

Moving companies hold the most complex & dynamic operation which is difficult to manage manually. With the software like Uber freight clone, it is easy for any company to take care of their moving business with ease. 

Many companies & startups are don’t be aware of the business, revenue & opportunities behind the freight business. It is good for an entrepreneur to follow the footstep & success of Uber which helps a lot.

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