What is ubereats?
Ubereats is an online food delivery app used to purchase favourite food items from the user’s place and receive it at their doorsteps with just a click. User’s can search their favourite or delicious foods online and compare the prices online easily.
Great opportunity for the entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business like ubereats, Goferzone providing you the ubereats clone script which has all the essential features available at an affordable cost .

What is a clone script?
Using Clone script entrepreneurs can build a similar script like familiar apps rapidly with popular and add additional features. The script minimizes the startup costs and reduces the development time. In simple words clone script is alternative code of the existing familiar website.
Are Clone scripts legal?

Yes, clone scripts are legal. Developing clone scripts is the concept of taking the core concept of the familiar website & developing the script with their own coding knowledge, and can add additional features and functionality which is legal in nature. Script has the same workflow, process and features like the original script but is designed uniquely and technology differs. Clone script is considered to be illegal when the developer simply copy-paste the original.

Chances for Maximizing the Profit

By considering the profit & how long it takes, each and every businessman initiates their business. They can earn more money using the ubereats clone script in some ways like,

  • Booking fee

When a user places the order of favourite food items using the ubereats clone app, on that time they have to pay some amount as a booking fee. This is not separately collected from them , the amount is added in the total cost of the order.

  • Delivery fee

Driver is one of the stake-holder, delivering the food items from the store to the user. For that service some amount is included in the total cost of the order and collected from the user side.

  • Advertising fee

This fee is collected from the store, who are willing to promote their store’s product and to show/advertise their online presence. For that action some amount is collected as a fee.

Where available?

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