The evolution of transportation service from one place to another is the taxi booking service. Before this customers felt difficult and its complex process for taxi booking. Taxi booking script and app are the solutions for this situation that works on connecting the rider and driver together.

Before smartphones, booking a taxi was a complex and time-consuming process and now it is an easy process for a rider to make a ride with just a few clicks. The revolutionary changes in the taxi business were moreover welcomed by the rider as well as driver.

Business Idea

Apps like Uber are trending in several countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc which is a taxi booking app riders can easily book taxis and complete the ride. Entrepreneurs can start their own ride-hailing business like Uber with the uber clone script. First and foremost step is to create on own or afford from the development companies. Creating the script on your own consumes more cost and time.

There are a lot of mobile app development companies and expert app developers teams to develop their uber clone script. Before launching the application always consider and decide your target location, customers, and budget you want to invest in the business.

Who Provides?

Goferzone is one of the best web development companies that provides you the uber clone script with all the essential features embedded in it. Our script is convenient, cheap & easy for the riders to make the ride and the best part in the taxi booking app is eco-friendly and riders can book a taxi anytime from anywhere. Available on both desktop and mobile(android & iOS). Along with the script we provide free server installation, free app submission, free bug support, free technical support, free white labeling, etc.

Working Process of uber clone app:

The rider has to register and sign-up for the application to proceed further. They have to choose the pickup and drop location in the uber clone app then select the vehicle accordingly to the convenient price and request a ride to the driver. Rider request is sent to the nearby driver then they can accept the request to proceed further or decline it. If the driver accepts the request reaches the user’s location and completes the ride. After reaching the location, the rider makes the payment through Paypal or COD. At last Rider gives their feedback by rating the whole ride experience about the driver’s service.

Top-End Features in our Script:

Ride Preference Details – In ouruber like appscript riders can set the ride to Gender based preference, Handicap Seat Accessibility, and Child Seat Accessibility. Drivers can set the Handicap & Child accessibility preference either turn-on or off.

    Manual Booking – Rider can schedule the cab by call without the app, admin can manually book the cab with all the information provided by them and filter details from the user. Using this feature admin can grab all types of audience and automation of this booking can be maintained in ease.
    Multi-Vehicle Option – This Feature helps highly for the admin which helps them to earn more by offering many services and can add multiple vehicles for hiring like car, bike, ambulance in the script.

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