In this corona period, some of the main businesses are going with high profits. In that profitable business, the Swiggy clone is the most trending script with top-end features and comes with add-on features expecting as per the client’s wishes. Due to the COVID – 19, the important is social distancing. Social distancing we have add-on the main feature known as “Contact Delivery”.


How careful are we about COVID-19? 


Bringing in advancements and special features as we care about your health during this pandemic period.


No contact delivery 


We have completely ensured to state that contactless delivery is the absolute importance during this pandemic. We encourage our drivers to drop off the essentials in the customer’s premises and for proof they can simply click a picture to ensure that the delivery has been done. 


Safety as priority 


When it comes to safety it involves the store partners and driver-partners. We have kept the safety badge as the prime feature for all stores and ensure that they follow all the safety and cleansing procedures. 


A  topmost fine feature has been released on July 1, 2020, with stable 1.3 in web and mobile applications. 


In web application upgraded with 


  • Language Translations
  • Stripe payout updated
  • Menu Addon Management
  • Strong customer Authentication
  • GCP Optimize
  • Improved existing features.


Admin panel was done with 


  • Language management in Admin panel
  • Send Email, SMS, push notifications to all users in Admin panel
  • Multiple Admin users with roles and permissions in Admin panel


Eater App (Android & iOS)


  • Menu Addon Feature
  • Stripe 3d Secure Authentication


Restaurant App (iOS)


  • Instant Notification Of Order Food Status
  • Automatic Request Before 7 Minutes Of Order Packing
  • Cancel Order Penalty Amount For Restaurant
  • Restaurant Order Flow


Driver App (iOS)


  • Cancel Trip Penalty Amount To Driver
  • Instant Notifications
  • Easy Price Calculation
  • Driver Request Flow
  • Detailed Statement For Earning


We are the Squad of 100+ Peoples from trioangle technologies providing Swiggy Clone with topmost features. Our Technologies providing the best web and mobile application development company. Trioangle gives the client extensive full support with its 24/7 service. Once the client gets this most trending script, our company provides full technical support, customization, and needs through our client’s wishes. 


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