Uber is a top ride-hailing service provider in the industry. They are well known for their features and updates. Uber drivers play a key role in the business flow of taxi dispatch service. 


To make your business successful, you have to make use of all trending & attractive features that are available in the market. Uber introduces new features day by day to make their partner happy and engaged with their platform.


With technology keeps on changing, Uber clone software should keep up with Uber and its features. To improve your user experience, here are the top Uber clone driver app features that you must have in your driver app.


Top Features Of Uber Clone Driver App:


End Of The Day Trip:

Now, the drivers can choose their destination and accept trips from riders who are moving similar direction towards the destination. The partners can choose the destination for trips twice a day. Using this feature, the driver can earn their way to home.


Faster Cash Withdrawal:

If drivers need Urgent cash, they can transfer their earnings to their debit card for their needs. This feature allows driver transfer amount to debit card instantly. To enjoy this feature, the driver has to enroll in the instant payment service.


Manage Cancel Reason:

The driver partners have the option to add different cancel reason to the trips. Though the riders are not notified of the cancel reason provided by the driver. The app will also give an automated reply and suggestions to the cancelation of the trip.


New Customization Feature:

To make it further simple, the driver can easily change his profile picture and update his documents with ease. The drivers also have a separate page for rules and regulation as well as for guidelines. There is also the option to driver to know about the incentives and the goals in the app.


Future Updates of Uber Clone App (Driver App):


Auto Trip Accept:

Here is a feature to help the driver-partners with more trips as they can utilize auto trip accept feature to continuously looking for a trip. It will also help drivers to achieve their goals.


Long Trip Notification:

The drivers are notified with separate notification of long trip before accepting new trips. Thus, they can be aware of the time to complete the trip and distance need to cover to complete the trip.


Uber is continuously pushing their limits to provide a high-quality experience to both their partner & users. Though there is a lot more to come from Uber, it is important for entrepreneurs and startups to keep track of Uber and its feature for their development.


Many companies fail to provide frequent updates to the Uber Clone software which play a key in starting a taxi booking business. If you are interested in Uber clone then check out the link below to know more. I recommend you to check for all features and updates before buying a clone script like Uber. 


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I hope this article is helpful to you.