Cybercrime is one of the most dangerous problems in the modern era. Many people don’t even aware of the hacks that are done in portals like Uber. Most of the cybercrime is undetectable and can’t be traced. 

It is important for one to regularly keep track of bank accounts, credit & debit card bills to be notified of the incident. It will also help you to prevent future cases.

The hackers who are into these ugly works, make use of platforms like Uber & Airbnb for these incidents. Every individual needs to protect their data & money from these people who breach your account. Here are some hacks that are noted on Uber.

Different Types Of Uber Hacks That Has Been Noted:

Phantom Trips:

Phantom trips are Uber rides that are booked by hacking someone’s account. Many users register complaints on these issues and most of the hacks are done in the US & Mexico. If you don’t track your Uber bills then, it is difficult to find out these phantom trips.

Accounts On Sale:

It is been said that many black websites selling active hacked Uber account for up to 16-32$. They also sell inactive accounts that might be used for illegal activities.

Ghost Rides:

 The ghost ride is nothing but a ride booked in Uber for stealing cash in credit cards. Many hackers & thieves make use of stolen credit or debit cards or other online modes to book Uber rides for money. 

These money laundering cases continuously happen throughout the world. Some of the Uber drivers get a share of the stolen cash for accepting the trips from these thieves. 

How To Prevent Yourself From Uber Hacks?

Change Your Password:

You can prevent these incidents by regularly changing your password. If you use a strong password then, it is difficult to breach into your account. 

Make Use Of Antivirus:

Most of the cyber crimes or illegal activities are done by a virus that is transferred from the apps or files you download from the internet. It is important to have a good antivirus to protect yourself from these viruses.

Don’t Give Away Unnecessary Permission:

Don’t give away unnecessary permission as it will help hackers collect all your private information from your account. It is good practice to delete or uninstall the app that is not used.​_

Use a VPN:

VPN is a virtual portal network that encrypts all traffic leaving your device until it reaches its destination. It is good practice to use VPN while you are public Wifi or network.


In this digital world, it is important to prevent your data & hard-earned money from these hackers. Many people are unaware of these hacks that are happening around us. 

To avoid these problems, It is important to apt for good quality web & app development service or Uber Clone script which prevents from these hacks on your website & mobile app. 

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