The taxi booking business is the top business in the market. It provides a lot of revenue for the business owner and excellent service to the users. It is one of the businesses that have huge future potential in the industry.

Many startups & entrepreneurs believe that a taxi booking service is the best business in the market. Uber Clone app helps to launch many entrepreneurs to launch their business. But many people forget about essential safety features in the app. It is important to keep an eye on essential safety features before buying the Uber Clone app.

Essential Safety Measures That Should Be Available In Your Uber Clone App:

Call Masking:

You must have call masking that prevents your number visible to the driver. This feature puts all your call & text message to drivers into anonymous. It also prevents your personal information from others.

Emergency Button:

The emergency button in the app helps the user as well as a driver to connect the emergency number for help. There are also options like

Share Trip Information:

You can easily share your trip information to your contacts using share your trip option. It helps riders to send their trip information to their dear ones. 

24/7 Support:

The 24/7 support helps the riders & drivers to connect with customer support to report any issue. 

Report A Crash:

The report a crash button helps the user to report a crash of the vehicle to the admin. In these cases, the user will not be charged for the trip.

Change Your Destination:

Due to any emergency, the rider also has the option to change their destination if needed.

Ride Check-Up:

The “Ride checkup” is the latest feature that is available in the market which tracks the GPS location of the vehicle and notifies both user & driver of anonymous behavior. It waits for the response for both user & driver and sends help if needed. It tracks strange behavior like the long pause in the ride, changes in direction and so on.

Driver Screening:

The driver screening is one of the important safety measures that help the admin to provide a safe & secure user experience. It helps the admin to prevent the portal from illegal or drivers with a criminal background.

2 Way Rating:

As the customer & the driver have the option to review & rate their trip experience, the admin has the opportunity to evaluate the situation. They even have the option to penalize irrelevant user & driver.

General Safety Measure:

  • The user must check the vehicle number before getting inside the vehicle.
  • It is also important to check the vehicle model & driver photo.
  • It is a good practice to book a cab a few meters away from your location.
  • Make use of safety tutorial in the mobile app & website.

How You Should Utilize Safety Features In Your Uber Clone Script?

Customers do want companies to take care of their needs. It is important to provide a safe & secure experience wantto be successful in your niche. So, if you want to start a taxi booking business then you need an Uber Clone app with all safety features in it.

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