Everyone around us is aware of the food delivery service and its market. People love to order food and they are ordering at least once a month. The demand in the food industry increases competition in the market.

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup looking for an opportunity then, food delivery service is apt for you. You can start your own food delivery service with ease using clone script like UberEats Clone.

But, before jumping into the business have you done your homework? There are lots of factors to think before starting a food delivery service or related business. Here we are going to discuss features of UberEats Clone user app.


Importance Of UberEats Clone (User App):


The user app one which should engage and attracts the users. The user experience and process of ordering are the two key factors in the foodie app.

From a recent report, more than 70% of users abandon the app in the first use if they don’t find what they want. So, there will be no second chance for you. It is important to provide a simple and best user experience for your customers.


Process of Food Delivery App Clone:


Confirmation Of The Order:

After check out and completing the payment, the user is taken to confirm status. Where the restaurant and driver also accept the user’s order.

Food Is Prepared:

In this status, the order is confirmed by the restaurant and started preparing for the customer.

Courier On The Way:

The restaurant prepared the food and ready to deliver it to the driver. Now, the driver has to pick up the food.

Food Is Coming:

Now, the driver has picked up your order and on his way to the user location to complete the order process.

Note: There will be an option for the user to cancel the order in step1.


Features Of UberEats Clone (User App):


User Experience:

The foodie app provides you with intuitive design and excellent user experience. The black and gray background provides a simple appearance yet, the green layouts helps the user with the process of ordering.

Design & Layout:

The location layout in the top shows the delivery location and reminds the user about the location they apt in. The image of dishes and cuisines attracts the users and footer layout below the images provides clear information about the dishes and restaurant. So, there is no room for confusion or distraction for the user.

Search Restaurant:

The customer app provides an option to the users to search for their favorite restaurant based on cuisine, dish, restaurant name, location, meal, diet and other related words. With limited location access, there will be no confusion for the users.

Schedule Order:

The user has the option to schedule their order before a week. This option will be helpful for the user in festival times and peak hours of the day.

Customization Of The Food:

In the user app, the user can easily customize their delivery and add a delivery note to the restaurants. There is also room for tiny customization like extra napkin or sauce which helps the user.

Easy Payment:

The user has been provided with online payment options like a credit card, debit card, net banking and offline option like COD. The wallet option also provided to the user to make simplify the process of ordering.

Live Tracking:

The user app keeps users engaged by updating the status of their order using push notification. The user can also track the location of their order with the help of the map. Thus, it makes the delivery service more smooth and convenient.

Thus, these features will help the users and provide an excellent user experience which in turn develops good sales and revenue. If you develop a successful app it provides you with a successful business.

Feel free to take the demo of our UberEats Clone which will help you to know more about our products and its features.

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