Before plunging deeply into the uber clone. Let’s see about,

What is Uber? Why Uber? and Why Uber clone? And much more questions may arise to the newbie.

Uber is nothing but a taxi booking app  in an online-enabled platform to connect between passengers and drivers and afford a door to door transport service

What is Uber?  Why Uber?

Taxi booking is common, but a decade before, online taxi booking was common one. Uber made it possible with its working model and processing way. They paved way for drivers and riders to get connected for the service. 

Uber also sets a path for drivers to earn by providing affordable ride for riders.

With large stats on Uber, the business minds get inspired by its working model of Uber and its success numbers. Understanding the reach and space on this online platform many dives into it.

Why Uber Clone?

In this fully packed digital world an online presence seems to be a must. Are you aspiring people to start a business like Uber, you can approach the best Uber clone, for the betterment of the business.

What Is Uber Clone?

Uber clone is an advanced taxi booking solution that has all core features of Uber App. The best Uber clone script with all the needed features to start the taxi booking business instantly. In the online marketplace, uber clone comes with different panels for users like riders and drivers, company, for fleet management, for manual bookings etc.

Gofer – The Best Uber Clone 

Gofer the best uber clone in the online market, developed from market research. Using it one can easily start a business like Uber instantly. As Gofer is a dynamic taxi booking app, it holds all core features of Uber. Our Uber clone is available in both iOS and Android platforms to enhance your business to a wide audience. Gofer comes with a pack of 5 web panels and 4 mobile apps for riders and drivers.

Here are some of the highlights of the Gofer – The Best Uber Clone,

  • Easy navigation and dynamic change of location
  • Accurate mapping
  • Geo-fencing
  • User-friendly UI for apps & web
  • Push notifications and SMS for clear intimation
  • Admin panel to monitor entire process
  • Sub-admin options
  • Ease the business management
  • Highly scalable & customisable that can incorporate all the business ideas
  • Well-packed Software with structured backend 
  • Frequently updated.

To start a business like Uber, pick-up a ready-made uber clone script with market need features. Gofer satisfies the need of entrepreneurs with features and functionalities. Don’t believe then contact