In a decade the Uber has succeeded so much beyond the count, of course they undergoes criticism and cases, but still their success stories have echoed globally. That’s why many business people by deploying the Uber clone script try to launch the Uber like business.

Probably many fellows have thought about how the Uber earn ? To know this you have to acknowledge about the Uber business model and its insights !

A Brief About How Do They Work ?

As fame as their major investment of brand Uber, they work on the double sided marketplace. Majorly connected the drivers and the riders within a short span of time when required through the technical portal and made their trip on ease.

People highly got attracted because it is easy to use, convenient, reliable and most importantly it was on time.

What Kind Of Investment They Do ?

I’m not here to get into the shareholders stack or other investment that Uber does for their growth.

But when you think in a lighter note, their investment would be in the technical mediums like apps, websites, and marketing to create a so called brand Uber in initial stage.

Right now they have been investing in more research process to be a next version of Uber like automatic car driving without human assistance and others.

How Do They Earn Money ?

Uber revenue is around 11.27 billion, how do they make this profit. Let’s discuss.

When we travel in a cab, we used to pay the driver or in an online mode. The travel charge you pay is the revenue generated for the Uber

  • As i said, the riders will pay the service charge in percentage for the Uber per ride
  • The drivers will pay 12 to 15 percent of the amount for the ride request he gets from the Uber.

The above listed is commonly called as the commission process. Next to that they incorporated the Surge pricing technique, it is nothing but when you book a cab on the peak time, then considering the traffic and other interference the charge will have a hike for the ride.

They also segmented the way of service, like Uber black, Uber X, SUV and others. So according to the variety of cab they charge differently.

Their revenue seems to be less for an average number of rides. But actually Uber is making more than a million rides per day, then think of the revenue it could generate.

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